Choose yourself – price as in the counter + service-fee NOK 179,- per person.
The dish is served with vegetables.

Choose between 4 sauces:

Sandefjord butter

Allergens: M

White vine sauce

Allergens: None

Shellfish sauce

Allergens: SH


Allergens: M


Caviar Symphony

kr. 185,-

Allergens: F, M, W

Smoked Seafood

kr. 185,-

Allergens: F

Main course

Fish-soup w/bread

kr. 195,-

Allergens: F, CEL, M, SH

Fish & Chips

kr. 195,-

Allergens: F, M, W, E

Small/Large shellfish-tower

kr. 549,-/755,-

Pipervikas six selected shellfish/mussels of the day

Allergens: SH, ML, E, W

Blue mussels steamed in white wine w/bread or french fries

kr. 235,-

Allergens: ML, E

Pipervikas fishplate with or without shellfish

kr. 395,-/365,-

Three selected fish and one shellfish - please ask service-staff

Allergens: F, SH, ML


Pipervikas hot chocolate fondant with berries

kr. 105,-

Allergens: Nuts, M, W, E

Panna Cotta with berries

kr. 93,-

Allergens: M


Sparkling: Rodestieu Cava Brut

kr. 103,-/485,-

White wine: Granatello Bianco

kr. 96,-/399,-

Allergens: SU

Draught beer 0,5 l. Frydenlund

kr. 99,-

Allergens: W, B

Draught beer 0,4 l: Frydenlund

kr. 87,-

Allergens: W, B

Draught beer 0,33 l: Brooklyn East IPA

kr. 78,-

Allergens: W, B

Red wine: Santa Ana Malbec

kr. 89,-/395,-

Allergens: SU

Rosé: Granfort pays d`Oc Cinsault

kr. 99,-/485,-

Allergens: SU

Draught beer 0,25 l: Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

kr. 85,-

Allergens: W, B

Bottle beer: Sør 0,33 l.

kr. 75,-

Allergens: B

Bottle beer 0,33 l: Carlsberg/Reina Saison/Pepra Saison

kr. 89,-

Allergens: W, B

Cider 0,33 l: Somersby Pære/Somersby Double Press

kr. 89,-

Allergens: SU

Juice 0,30 l: Apple juice, orange juice

kr. 47,-

Soda 0,30 l: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Solo, 7-UP

kr. 47,-

Mineral water: Farris 0,37 l

kr. 47,-


Beer 0,33 l: Munkholm, Carlsberg NON

kr. 75,-

Allergens: B

Wine: Vini Vici Chardonnay/Vini Vici Cabernet Sauvignon

kr. 75,-/225,-

Allergens: SU

  • Allergens:
  • M: Milk
  • NH: Hazelnut
  • MnAlmonds
  • CN: Cashew nut
  • B: Barley
  • LU: Lupin
  • W: Wheat
  • PN: Pine kernels
  • ML: Molluscs
  • SU: Sulphite
  • E: Egg
  • F: Fish
  • SH: Shellfish
  • CEL: Celery
  • N: Nuts